We’ve all walked out of a movie theater or turned off a DVD with the music from the film running through our head. Maybe we went online and ordered the CD or went to the store and bought it (when you could still go to stores to buy CD’s).

But have you ever finished a book and wanted the soundtrack? 
I’ve had it happen to me once, after reading High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (the movie is good, but the book is great). The whole story revolves around a few guys who work in a record store in London. Real records, vinyl. Band names and song titles are thrown around and make you want to listen to them right then.
Music is a very big part of my life, and when I began writing The South Coast I knew I wanted to somehow include that love. With the book being set in Austin, Texas, I felt it fit to also focus on the wealth of incredible music from the Lone Star State. 
Throughout the course of the book, our protagonist, Eddie Holland, listens to Texas bluegrass, folk and rock. The artists range from Guy Clark to Lyle Lovett to Spoon.
What are your favorite movie soundtracks?