The cover art has changed a bit since I began blogging about the book. 

Here is the final front cover that will be seen on the trade paperback print version as well as the Kindle eBook.
The model is Dave Reeves, a former Marine, mixed martial arts master, physical fitness trainer, father of three, and all around good guy. When I came to him about modeling for the cover of my book he had no hesitation in agreeing, as well as providing the ‘hardware’ seen in the image. 
You can follow Dave on Twitter at @FluffyNowFit. He has an amazing story of going from 240+ pounds to his current weight in the mid 100’s and becoming a winning martial artist.
We shot the image, along with about a hundred others, in my studio over about an hour and a half. His training as a Marine and a martial artist worked well to understanding what I was looking for. 
Thanks again, Dave, for channeling your ‘inner Eddie Holland’ for the cover of The South Coast!
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