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Here I am, back to writing a blog post again when the last one was just… oh… four years ago.

It has been slow going on the writing front the last couple of years. Runt was my last release, and that was early 2021. I’ve been writing. Really, I have. In fast, I have the fourth Eddie Holland book ready to go. In full transparency, it has been ready for a long time. Like a loooong time. But I got sidetracked. Then I got distracted. Then I… you get the point.

While I’ve ‘been’ writing, I haven’t been finishing.

I have two other projects I’ve been working on. One is several years old and the other is newer. The older one feels like something important to me and I keep reworking it and trying to figure it out. The other is my next middle grade fiction for kids. I absolutely loved writing Runt, not just because it was something my son could actually read (or that I’d allow him to read) that I wrote. This next one began as an idea for a traditional fiction novel. As always, I talk with my son about book ideas and he listened and said he thought it sounded like a kids book. I thought about it, and decided he was right. I have already hit my word count target for it and it is turning into a trilogy (or more) in order to tell the whole story. I’ve diverted my attention back to the fourth Eddie Holland book to finish getting it published, then will be full steam ahead on the untitled kids books.

One of my favorite distractions, though, has been starting the People Who Do Things podcast with my dear friend Laura Buchwald. It is slow going at times due to full time jobs, getting the boy to all of his soccer related activities, and general laziness, but I really enjoy talking with Laura as well as some great guests we’ve had on. If you haven’t listened, please do!

A few weeks ago I noticed my website was broken. It wouldn’t even load. I finally took time over the last few nights to rebuild it bigger and better. I’m hoping to keep posting blogs (more often than every four years) to help keep me motivated to finish those books that are oh-so-close.

Happy reading!