I’ve spent a few years writing my book, with many stops and starts. During that time I’ve done a lot of research into the brave new world of self-publishing. Well, it isn’t a new world, but the electronic version of it was born with Kindle and all the eReaders that have followed.

In doing the legwork for going about publishing my book I learned a lot about the process as well as the do’s and don’ts. Already having my background in design and web development, it seemed a perfect fit to start and now announce:

You Write, We Do The Rest

Bluebullseye Press 

BBEP is a one-stop shop for most of your needs to self-publish your book. There’s only about two parts we won’t help with: writing the book and publishing the book. Everything in between, we’ve got you covered pretty much.

Book Covers
One area where most self-published books fail is the cover design. People with no design background and perhaps without the correct tools hack together a cover that they might like, but won’t catch the eye of possible readers, or worse yet, turn them off from it completely. We can work with authors to create a professional level book cover for both eBook and print versions.

Video Trailers
This is a new-ish area that I posted about last week. Video trailers for books have become a great marketing tool and a way to draw readers in to the world of your book and get them to buy. Like the book covers, there’s many bad video trailers out there. We can create great video trailers with music, professional voice over artists, video, still photos and text for authors.

Book Formatting
The interior pages of a book must look good, too. We can work with writer’s on a Word Doc template to write in or to take a finished manuscript and format it to a pleasing layout that works for eBook and printed versions.

Author/Book Websites and Blogs
Just like this one! We can use a solid foundation such as Blogger.com or WordPress and create a custom theme to fit the author or book or we can create an all new website from scratch.

Those are a few of the offerings we’ll have on tap at Bluebullseye Press!