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A new year instinctively brings new goals, resolutions, and in turn the review of the last year’s goals and resolutions.

In 2018 I wanted to publish two novels. I got one out. In the broader scheme of things, that isn’t shabby. Especially considering that one novel was Family Line, the work that has meant to most to me. I did get well under way on two more novels, including a third in the Eddie Holland series and another literary fiction work.

I wanted to update my website. I didn’t. So I did it already in 2019. I’m working to consolidate a couple of my sites, rolling my photography into this one. My love of making photos hasn’t diminished, but my focus has turned completely to writing, allowing me to enjoy photography more than I did when it was something I did to help support my family.

In 2019 I get to watch as a dear friend of mine release her first novel. Shea Megale (S.C. Megale) will publish This Is Not a Love Scene through Wednesday Books / St. Martin’s Press in May. I’ve been lucky enough to read it as she was writing and it is certain to win fans of the likes of John Green over. It’s ‘young adult’, but hey, we all read Harry Potter and it was supposed to be for kids. So go preorder Shea’s book. Now. Go. I’ll wait.

You back? You get it preordered? Good.

As for my 2019, I hope to finish the two new ones mentioned above. First, the new Eddie Holland in the spring, then the lit fiction by end of year. This is all depending on about a billion other factors. If I end up with one new one released, I’ll be happy.

Get on with your goals!

Read Family Line, available now at and most other booksellers.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash.