A friend referred me to an invaluable resource last week and I spent the long weekend reading it, in my free time between family and the usual suburban duties of grocery shopping and the like.

Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur by Guy Kawasaki details Guy’s journey to self-publishing. The great part is he was already a successful published author at the time so he is able to share the pros and cons of both routes.

Kawasaki worked at Apple as a software evangelist and has written more than a dozen books, the last couple being self-published. Insights range from the process of getting a book deal in a ‘traditional’ publishing deal to how to make sure your manuscript is ready to be self-published with the least chance of being dead in the water due to typos and grammar mistakes or lack of marketing.

Anyone interested in self-publishing a fiction or non-fiction work would be well served by picking up the print or ebook version.