_Ballyvaughan_small_3DWriting the second novel about Eddie Holland was an adventure that took me from Austin to Ireland, unfortunately only in words. The manuscript is with my editor now and I’m aiming for a summer release.
Where The South Coast took Eddie and Gus through Texas and into Mexico, the next installment goes further. In writing a new antagonist for Eddie I dove into the world of the IRA and the conflicts between Northern Ireland and England that lasted for decades, known as The Troubles. It gave me opportunity to do a great deal of research on The Troubles and learn more about what went on. Though it is only a small part of Ballyvaughan, I wanted to ensure I stuck as close to truth as possible. It was too important of a time for Ireland to get it wrong.
If you only described the conflicts and the reasons to someone, they would surely say it was something from deep in the history books. But it was so recent that the Queen only three months ago issued pardons for the remaining IRA members who had escaped prison in 1981.
Long Kesh was a WWII airbase in Northern Ireland, not far from Belfast. In the war it built and launched planes for the English. Afterwards it was repurposed for various uses, until England’s Operation Demetrius designated it as a holding center for detained Irish known to be working with the IRA. More then 300 people were held there and the facility wasn’t closed until 1991.
Through dealing with his new adversary, Eddie doesn’t lose his sense of humor, or his love for Texas music.