Sweet Sixteen

August is a milestone month for me. It was August 1998 when I packed up and moved from the bay area of California to the Washington DC area. I’ve now lived here longer than anywhere else (and in my current home longer than any other I’ve lived in).

Sixteen years has brought me a good career in web design and development, incredible experiences in photography, travels through Europe, the writing and release of my first novel, and of course my wonderful wife and our incredible little boy.

It’s hard to think that the next sixteen years could bring as many changes to my life, but I’ll see my boy grow up, go to high school, learn to drive, break hearts and have his heart broken. I’ll hopefully see the release of many more books, and get to make many more photographs.

But for now I just want to lay down in the grass next to my boy and stare at the clouds a while.

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Bedtime conversation with a toddler

Mommy: OK, I’ll pat you for a minute then you have to go to sleep (we are trying to get him to go to sleep on his own)

Brennan: You have to go be with Daddy?

Mommy: Yes, I’m going to go be with Daddy.

Brennan: You love Daddy?

Mommy: Yes, I love Daddy. Do you love your Daddy?

Brennan: Yes, I love Daddy. He doesn’t hit me.


The bar is set pretty low with this guy.

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Jen with Fuji X-T1, outside light


Had a great time on Friday with Jen G. in the studio for head shots/portraits/fun photos. We spent most of the time in the studio shooting with the new Fujifilm X-T1, my first time shooting studio with the camera, then grabbed a few in the nice afternoon sun in the backyard.

Thank you to Jen for a fun shoot!


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Franky Fritz


I’m hard at work on my second book, the follow up to 2013′s The South Coast. Meanwhile I’m working with many different authors on their covers, typesetting and more.

Coming soon is The World Famous Franky Fritz Band by C.J. Levesque. I’m very excited about this one. Carl (C.J.) is a friend of mine and he has put years of work into this book.

It dives deep into the world of the Jazz Age and an up and coming trumpet player working to make it big. Watch for a post about the book being available to order from all the major stores.

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