John H. Matthews


The Game of Thrones Effect

I love TV. Always have. It's that end-of-the-day time that lets you put your brain on cruise control and let a few other people's imaginations take over for an hour or two before you go off to slumber. I used to watch a lot more....

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Only one week to go until Designated Survivor is released! The Kindle version has been on presale for a few weeks and is getting great traction. Can't wait for the paperback to be available.   So, in advance of the full release, here is Chapter One of...

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An editor is one of the best and biggest choices you will make in your writing, at least if you plan to publish. They cost money. Sometimes lots of money. But this isn't, or shouldn't be, someone that just looks for missing periods and improper...

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1,460 Days

Today is my last day of having a three-year old. Just about this time tomorrow my son will officially be four years old.   I look through the photographs of him from being tiny in my arms right after he was born to riding his balance bike...

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Writing in a Vacuum

It's late 2015 and I released my second novel, Ballyvaughan, several months ago. I'm well on my way to finishing my third novel and it has been so much better this time around. I wrote the first two in a vacuum. I had a couple...

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Taking My Wins Where I Can

I read this article on the Washington Post about humble bragging and how it can make people not like you. You know, those people who say things on Facebook like:   "Reeealllly wanted this cute shirt from Express but they only had a size 2 and it...

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Ballyvaughan – Chapter 1

Eddie’s back was against the light green cement block wall. His Glock 19 nine-millimeter pistol was in his hand and aimed towards the ground. He felt his cell phone vibrate in his shirt pocket, pressed into his chest by the bulletproof vest he had taken...

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A Trip to Ballyvaughan

Late last week my second novel quietly became available on By the end of this week it should be available at all other online booksellers, and by special order in stores. This was my second turn with my protagonist Eddie Holland and the familiarity of...

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Sacred Pages

It was fourth grade and I'd finally made it to one of 'those' teachers classes. Every school has one or two. The teacher everyone can't wait to get. They're almost folk legends two grades above you until all of a sudden, you're sitting on the...

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