I met with my editor over the weekend and have handed off all of the files for her to begin her process of tearing apart everything I have put together, so hopefully I can put the pieces back together even better before I publish.

The hardest part of this is staying out of the book while I wait on her notes. It’s been a long time I’ve had these characters in my head and I’ve been actively working with them for the last three months.

So now, while I wait, I’ll begin to let a little more out about the book!

by John H. Matthews

Eddie Holland is on a leave of absence from the FBI after more than ten years in anti-terrorism. He returns home to Austin, Texas, to relax. For fun, and extra income, he takes some small detective jobs from his sister’s law firm. But after a few cheating husbands and dead beat dads not paying child support, he gets a simple case that pulls him right back into the world of the FBI.