The first time is the hardest

This is the hardest post.

Over the years I’ve started and ended several blogs. They begin with optimistic glory, thoughts running around my head that for some reason I feel the need for the world to be able to find and read. I guess that’s how all blogs begin.

Generally they end due to lack of time to maintain the blog and keep writing new posts that I find interesting enough to release.

Now I’m in the middle of a big project, my first book (I hope it’s only my first) and I decided to track my progress in this forum. Plus, honestly, it’s what all the guides on releasing a first book say to do!

Through somewhat regular posts I’ll be talking (rambling) about progress on the manuscript, things I’m learning about publishing (traditional print vs. e-publishing) and probably just some random thoughts as well.

Those google ads you see? Well, I’m a self employed web designer and photographer and am taking some of the time I’d use for that to write my book, so any pennies that come my way help to feed me, my wife and my little baby (yeah, I went there, I’m not above guilting people into clicking on ads).