I've been thinking a lot about connections lately, or more specifically, connectedness. I've spent the better part of the last four years writing my new novel (with two others getting completed and released in that time). I like to write and see where the story takes...

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Family Line

I'm writing everyday and never get over here to write a blog post. When I do it feels it is only for myself, a channel to work through whatever I'm thinking about that is probably keeping me from doing real work. WordPress as therapist. Blogging is...

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I just had an incredible month of sales for my latest book, Designated Survivor. Every time another sale ticks off on my dashboard I grin a little then am humbled that yet another stranger has bought something I poured so many hours into.   The thing about getting...

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The Game of Thrones Effect

I love TV. Always have. It's that end-of-the-day time that lets you put your brain on cruise control and let a few other people's imaginations take over for an hour or two before you go off to slumber. I used to watch a lot more....

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An editor is one of the best and biggest choices you will make in your writing, at least if you plan to publish. They cost money. Sometimes lots of money. But this isn't, or shouldn't be, someone that just looks for missing periods and improper...

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Writing in a Vacuum

It's late 2015 and I released my second novel, Ballyvaughan, several months ago. I'm well on my way to finishing my third novel and it has been so much better this time around. I wrote the first two in a vacuum. I had a couple...

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Bleeping bleep

I watched an interview with the late Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond, on one of the remastered Blu-Ray discs from the new box set. The interviewer asked him about the lack of use of foul language in his books.Fleming said he thought it was...

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Writer or Author

I've been writing off and on since college. Mostly off, but it has always been something I enjoyed getting back to. Now I'm 44 and am nearing completion of my first book.So does this make me an author, or a writer?My guess is that until...

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Steinbeck on Writing

I found this article written by John Steinbeck in 1963:Dear Writer:Although it must be a thousand years ago that I sat in a class in story writing at Stanford, I remember the experience very clearly. I was bright-eyes and bushy-brained and prepared to absorb the...

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