John H. Matthews



I've been thinking a lot about connections lately, or more specifically, connectedness. I've spent the better part of the last four years writing my new novel (with two others getting completed and released in that time). I like to write and see where the story takes...

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Family Line

I'm writing everyday and never get over here to write a blog post. When I do it feels it is only for myself, a channel to work through whatever I'm thinking about that is probably keeping me from doing real work. WordPress as therapist. Blogging is...

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Only one week to go until Designated Survivor is released! The Kindle version has been on presale for a few weeks and is getting great traction. Can't wait for the paperback to be available.   So, in advance of the full release, here is Chapter One of...

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1,460 Days

Today is my last day of having a three-year old. Just about this time tomorrow my son will officially be four years old.   I look through the photographs of him from being tiny in my arms right after he was born to riding his balance bike...

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Chapter One

As promised:CHAPTER ONEThe South Coastby John H MatthewsCOMING SOONThe man fell to his knees in the warm surf of the Gulf of Mexico. The salt water struck his skin abruptly, momentarily easing the pain. His thoughts were not of his wife or his children and...

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