I grew up in a house that had no pictures on the walls. Instead, every spare space was covered with bookshelves my father built. They weren’t fancy, just simple boards connected to hold the thousands of books he’d collected, and still does. I missed the usual early childhood readings of Dr. Seuss and the like. Later I found some of the kids favorites like the Boxcar Children. When I was 10 I got the Chronicles of Narnia for Christmas and had read all seven books by New Years.


I grew up and graduated high school in Arkansas, then college in Oklahoma. I enjoyed my creative writing classes and found myself constantly trying to impress the professor, who was working to publish his own first book.


Well after college and an eight year stint in retail management in Dallas, I found myself living on the west coast at a computer start up. I had no money for anything extra. On the weekends I’d put some gas in my car and grab a book from the library and find a rocky beach to read on. I got addicted to John Steinbeck, his words are driven by the air in Northern California. I wrote my first short story since college and submitted it to the annual writing competition put on by the Steinbeck Center.


Jump a decade or more and I’m living in the Washington, DC, area, married and working in web design and photography. I get the writing bug again and start making some notes for a fun detective story, always inspired by Robert B. Parker, Raymond Chandler and the like. A long weekend trip to Austin with my wife made me remember how much I love that city and how it fit perfectly with the random notes I’d been making. Eddie Holland was born.


I now work with other authors to help them get their books off of their hard drives and out into the world through my design and publishing company Bluebullseye Press.


Books and short stories:

The South Coast, 2013
Ballyvaughan, 2015
Red Grace: A Grace Short Story, 2016
Designated Survivor, 2016